Natural Swimming Pools

I have always wanted a swimming pool but I wanted to limit the amount of maintenance and costs that it would take to take care of the pool. So during some research I found the natural pool concept and started investigating. The other thing I was really interested in was building straw-bale buildings and there happens to be a lady named Deanne Bednar that lives an hour and half away from me who has actually built a straw bale studio with a thatch roof and it looks very similar to the building on the left. She also has a lot of resources on her site as well. I thought that it would be cool to have a straw bale structure built as a pool house for when I develop the natural pool. While doing my research I was looking for some good photo examples of what I would like to build and viola I found the ideal pic and plan of what I would like to implement from the Woodhouse Natual Pools web site. This site has great images and videos on it. The next site I found provided some more insight in to how to build a natural pool the article came from Mother Earth News you can print it out if you choose it was something like 3 pages or so long. Another site I found has 23 breathtaking natural pool photo’s that was from The Daily Green web site. I hope you all enjoy the research as much as I have.


About Jennifer English

Jennifer Dauksha-English works as an instructor, facilitator, designer and consultant in regenerative and healthy lifestyles.
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